Daily Checkup

I’ve just come off a very hard time personally – in fact it was very hard on the entire family.  It was one of those seasons that was so long (seemingly) and difficult that you just hang on to survive.  Forget about improving, growing, pressing on to bigger and better things, it takes all you have to simply hold on.  That was the past 6 months for me…

So now I’m faced with getting back on track, being more intentional about life and my marriage in Daily Checkupparticular.  I’ve been happily married for 18 years and my wife is wonderful!  Next to Christ she is my greatest blessing.  She’s especially a blessing in the way she helps me know myself and manage and organize my life.  Yesterday we had a talk that was one of those “ephiphany” moments for me.  The idea that came out of it had to do with my daily time with the Lord…

I’ve typically spent time in my morning “Quiet time” (I’ve wanted to find another name for that for a long time, but can’t seem to find the right word) journaling my prayers and studying a passage of some kind.  But she gave me a new idea… what would it be like if I took my main responsibilities as a man (marriage, kids, vocation, relationships, etc.) EVERY DAY? What if I just laid those out before Him and asked Him to reveal to me how I’m doing in those areas, to show me “new” things I can do in each, or to help me evaluate and plan in those roles?

I am very excited about it.  Up until now I’ve just juggled those things, paying attention to each one as it seemed “urgent” (sad to say).  But this way, I can avail myself of the resources of God Almighty, His perspectives on me, my marriage, my kids, etc.  This way I can keep short accounts, stay on top of things more easily, and daily consider how to meet those obligations (in a good way) with HIS strength!  Of course I want to keep up the journaling and study, but this daily “check-in” with the Lord on the areas of my greatest desire and responsibility should prove to be very helpful…  I’ll keep you posted.


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