What do you mean “Un-Biblical?”

This post falls into the “word to the wise” category…

Many years back, I was having a discussion/debate about a theological issue with a friend of mine who went to the church I Pastored.  Some of it happened over e-mail as I recall.  I referred to some aspects of his position as “Un-Biblical” – and he became very upset.  His repsonse was educational for me and I’ve never forgotten it.  Here’s basically what he said (rough paraphrase)…

“For my position to be ‘Un-Biblical’ it would have to be contrdictory to scriptural principles or truths, which it is not.  What is more, it would have to be nowhere supported in scripture in the slightest degree.  However, I can and often do make a very good case for my arguments from the scriptures, which I think you’d have to admit.  Therefore this point, which you may not agree with (a different issue) falls well withing the ‘Biblical’ category.”

Touche!  He was exactly right.  I had to retract my statement (gladly) and realize (as humility demands) that something is not “Un-Biblical” just because I don’t agree with it.  Even if I don’t agree with his interpretation, humility again demands that I be open to the possibility that my interpretation is misinformed or flawed, as remote a possibility as I think that may be.  If a REASONABLE case can be made for the position from the scriptures, I shouldn’t say it’s “Un-Biblical.”  Eternity will tell which position is correct (if either is), and at that time we’ll probably all see what is truly Biblical and what is not…


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