Spiritual Warfare – What DOES the Bible REALLY say?

If your experience in church is like mine (and I realize not everyone’s is), the term “spiritual warfare” has some weird connotations to it.  We’ve all seen people who seemingly take it WAY too seriously, and others who discount the idea altogether.  My thought on it is very simple – what does the Bible say?  We can only be as dogmatic as the Bible is – and like I’ve said in other posts, we must be careful to let it say what it says – and learn, in faith, how to deal with those truths as they apply to life. 

 I’ve been doing a good amount of reading, studying, and praying about this issue of Spiritual Warfare over the past week.  My sermon this coming Sunday will be addressing the topic (God willing), and I think is going to continue for at least one more after that (maybe two?)…

Over the next few posts I’m going to look at scripture to see what it says about satan (I don’t even care to capitalize his name..), God, angels, demons, spiritual power, and our role in relation to all of that.  This should be a very interesting and hopefully helpful exercise…


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare – What DOES the Bible REALLY say?

  1. This page is one of the first things to pop up on Google when you write in “spiritual warfare.” I’m all for new definitions of the topic, and in any case the Church Christians are not really aware of the situation hardly at all! It’s just too weird a topic and sounds too kookie. But nevertheless, it rages all around us regardless. I’m in Taiwan now, after being in Japan, and boy do you feel the difference in the heat of the demonic opposition! Sometimes the spirit world feels so close you could cut it with a knife– and that’s not always such a good thing. Whenever I go back to America I’m amazed at the wool that immediately covers your eyes and ears and how lackadaisical you automatically become when there. Oh and as I was doing a Google Search, I also looked up Spiritual Warfare on Wickipedia and found my grandfather, Don Basham in the article! So… isn’t htat something to be all proud about! Just kidding. But he really is my grandfather. I just found him in wickedpedia under “spiritual warfare” Anyway I think that’s really cool. God bless you! Hope your research is finding some good answers…

  2. As a person with Bipolar Disorder it is sometimes very difficult for me to distinguish between what the disorder does to my mind vs spiritual warfare. I look forward to what you publish.

    • I can understand the difficulty you must face at times raginggenius. I’ll give your situation and others like it some thought and prayer and perhaps write a related article as I come to some cogent conclusions.


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