Music Review – Jill Paquette

This is my first review of a Christian CD, and I am featuring a CD that is a few years old (2003) but it’s really, really, REALLY good!  It’s a self-titled album – Jill Paquette.  My review follows…

Jill Paquette, Compact Disc [CD] Jill Paquette, Compact Disc [CD]By Jill Paquette / Provident Music Distribution

Review by Carey Green:

I first heard about this CD when a friend started playing it while we were sitting in the same office (Thanks Tim).  I was immediately hooked – by three things.  1) Jill’s voice is so clear and expressive.  I couldn’t help but believe that she really believed what she was sining.  2) Her lyrics weren’t your typical Christian-ese fluff.  They were thoughtful, authentic to what the Christian struggle often is like, yet filled with hope and confidence in God as supreme over it all.  3) Jill’s musicianship is amazing.  She plays piano (classically trained) AND acoustic guitar, and does both with excellence.  You can tell these aren’t hastily thrown-together songs, but well-crafted and intentionally produced.

As I’ve listened to Christian music over the past few years I’ve been amazed NOT to have heard Jill’s stuff being played.  She’s equal to any of the “big name” artists that you know of, and in my opinion just as solid in her faith and expression of it.

STYLISTICALLY:  Jill’s music is a cool mix of stuff, but overall I’d have to say it’s folksy-down-home-easy-listening-but-exciting!  Does that make sense?  You can click on the (Jill Paquette – Compact Disk) link above and find samples of each of the songs on the CD.

 Buy Jill’s CD – you WILL NOT be disappointed with it’s quality, clarity, and heart-felt honestly about the Christian life and the awesome God who is behind, within, and surrounding it!


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