One Small Child – A Christmas Article

One of the local papers in the town where our church meets (The Leadville Herald Democrat) invited me along with other local pastors to post a “Editorial” style letter for the Christmas season.  To me, that’s a no-brainer opportunity – so below is what I submitted.  Your comments are welcome.

One  Small Child

When my first child was born I was amazed by the range of emotions that swept over me – gratitude, fear, and wonder were among them. I held him, moments after his birth, and cried, sang, and prayed. It was unforgettable.

Four days later we placed him in his infant carrier for the first time, buckled him securely in the car, and drove away from the hospital. Suddenly I was struck by another, quite unexpected emotion. Disbelief. My wife and I had come to the hospital together and were being allowed to drive away with ANOTHER tiny little person in our possession. Could it be true? He was mine. My joy, my responsibility, my son – compactly contained in a blanket in the backseat.

Any birth is a miracle; one of God’s amazing gifts that keeps on giving. It’s no surprise that His greatest gift, His Son, came through the amazing process of a baby’s birth. But with Jesus, it was more miraculous than normal. His was the most anticipated birth in the history of the world, foretold by God hundreds, even thousands of years prior. And, true to God’s word, He was born to a young woman who had never known the intimacy of a marriage relationship – a virgin. We are told that his mother Mary, “treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19) The wonder she must have felt makes mine look quite ordinary.

In the hurry of our modern-day Christmas, we often feel little “wonder” about Jesus’ birth, despite it being the most important one ever recorded. God’s miraculous gift – the possibility of forgiveness, meaning, and hope for all eternity are ours through Him. This Christmas, slow down and consider that this one, small child is God’s greatest gift to you.


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