Mom Anthem – and some thoughts

I’ve seen this video before – it really is funny!  While we can laugh at it because it’s all to familiar (either in our homes or in the homes we grew up in) it also communicates something about us parents that I think we have to be careful about (especially when it’s all crammed into 2 minutes and 55 seconds). 

Don’t let yourself develop a bad attitude about your kids! 

It absolutely kills me when I hear parents say stuff like, “I can’t wait until they are out of the house!”  or “Just wait until YOU have teens!”  I know, I know – there are difficulties in every stage and at times it can be very irritating and frustrating.  But that’s what we signed up for when we became parents!  That’s the heroic part of our jobs!  We get to take these immature and flawed individuals and raise them to be better – raise them to be Godly.  I wonder sometimes, why parents don’t understand that when their kids have bad attitudes toward them as parents, it’s often a reflection of the attitude the parents have toward the kids?????  God says kids are a blessing (and they are).  Yet many parents often think of them and treat them like a FILL IN THE BLANK (bother, curse, irritation, aggravation, problem, necessary evil, etc.).

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of my system.  Have a good time laughing at this video…


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