A Pastor with a tattoo?

As most of you know, I have a tattoo – and there is a story behind it which I might blog someday.  Anyway, being a Pastor with a tattoo that’s as obvious as mine (on the back of my right hand) gets some strange looks and some even stranger questions.  Lots of opportunity to talk about the Lord anyway.  But if you think MY tattoo is a reason to look at me sideways… check out this Pastor!


3 thoughts on “A Pastor with a tattoo?

  1. Great tattoos, and a really effective witness to those who think the church is “not for them”. I have tattoos & piercings, ride a motorcycle and am also a lay pastor. Jesus Himself shocked the religious middle class by telling them the truth. The church today is in danger of becoming too middle class and in doing so, is failing the very people it was called to preach the gospel to.

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