Christian persecution on the way… to the U.S.

I’ve met a new friend over the internet who is from Canada and works for an apologetics oriented ministry there.  She mentioned the things that have been happening there in terms of governmental restrictions that are being placed on them.  While it is still a long way from being killed for your faith, it’s the beginning that can and will only snowball into that sooner or later.

And I fully expect that the U.S. will head in that direction too, over time.  You can hear echos of it already with “hate crime” legislation and “hatespeach” talk.  Read her comments below and see what YOU think…

You also may be interested to know that here in Canada we are no longer allowed to witness to JW’s and Mormons and remain a charity.  The government has ruled that refuting another person’s religion is “uncharitable”.  What started as a charity (equivalent to your 501c3 nonprofit org) about 30 years ago by our ministry partner Lorri MacGregor has now been shut down by the government of Canada.  We were told that the only way that we could keep the charity was to shut down our web sites, stop producing material to witness to the cults and produce only biblical teaching that was informational and not persuasive.  We were told that we could not present Christianity as any better than any other religion.  We just could not do that as it would conflict with our Christian faith.  We were given the option of either rescinding our charity status or do nothing and the government would come after us and forcibly shut us down.  We prayed about it and chose to shut the charity down ourselves.  It was a very severe persecution for us.  When a charity is shut down the assets of the charity are taken over by the government in a 100% tax assessment or we can give the assets to a government approved charity.  It has been devastating for us as we had to start all over again with nothing.  We dug into our own pockets to purchase back our own equipment and our own intellectual property in order for us to carry on the work.  Who would have ever imagined this kind of persecution just 30 years ago?It is a very perilous time that we are living in.  There is no free speech for a charity and no free speech to preach the gospel if one is not a church.  Even as a church a pastor can be thrown in jail for preaching against homosexuality here in Canada!  We are now operating as a taxable corporation in both Canada and the US (we have applied for 501c3 status in the US).  We do not know how long we will be able to have freedom to preach the gospel even as a private corporation.  There are very strong “hate” laws here in Canada and the government sees exposing other religions as a hateful act. Your country may go down that road too in the future.  May God help us all to stay strong for the truth of the gospel so that we do not fear what may happen to us.



4 thoughts on “Christian persecution on the way… to the U.S.

  1. … “StandTrue” @ MySpace linked me over here…
    … I’ve been seeing, sharing, and preaching this for years — no one seems to care or wants to listen… I’ve got lots on the topic if you’re interested — how do we hook up ?
    PS: I actually know where Leadville, COLORADO is — been there on a Harley, had lunch there — then headed on to Vail — got caught in a three way blizzard crossing Tennessee Pass… Too ornery to die !!!
    … Looking forward to hearing from you !

  2. HI Rev J.R. Zeke Whitelock,

    I appreciate your comment – it’s only a matter of time until the broader American church community begins to feel the pinch in these areas. But, by then it will be too late to do anything about it.

    I am open to whatever sort of internet connections are possible. Feel free to comment or e-mail anytime!


  3. I notice that warning was given four years ago. I would be interested to hear of any up-to-date follow up on persecution in Canada or USA. The Bible warns of it in
    and teaches our response to it in II Tim. 3:12-17. God bless you and use you for His glory in these trying days.

    • I’ve not heard anything else about this situation… but things like it are happening all the time. And historically, this kind of thing is a slow process, but inevitable apart from God’s intervention.

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