A woman’s right of reproductive choice

“We know that a woman’s right to make a decision about how many children to have and when, without government interference, is one of the most fundamental freedoms we have in this country.”

Most of us have heard a statement like this before.  It’s the typical “party line” rhetoric that comes from those who support abortion and abortion rights.  These types of statements make it sound like a woman’s point of choice regarding whether to have children, or how many, comes at the point of deciding whether to abort a fetus in her womb or not.  But let’s just THINK ABOUT IT for a minute…

What about at the moment she decides to crawl into bed with the guy she met at the night club?  Is that a moment of choice about reproductive rights?  Naw, couldn’t be… that’s just an example of “living for the moment!”

What about the invitation from a coworker to go up to his hotel room while the two are away at a business conference… is that a moment of choice regarding her reproductive rights?  No, that’s just “social networking…”

My point should be pretty obvious… the REAL choices about reproductive rights have to do with what sexual choices you make, not what you choose to do about the consequences of those choices.

I know, there are cases of rape, incest, etc. where it truly wasn’t the woman’s choice.  But we need to admit the truth – those situations are the VAST MINORITY of cases where abortion is actually performed.

Reproductive rights have to do with moral choices, not elimination of the logical consequences of those choices (or lack of choices).

And by the way, do you know who said the quote above… Barack Obama.  Hmmmmmmm…..


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