The “2 Gods” of many Christians

My wife was having a conversation with someone recently and gave an illustration from the Old Testament about how God sometimes works with His people.  The person she was talking to responded along these lines…

But that’s the Old Testament… give me an example from the New Testament.

Comments such as these not only show a greater appreciation for the New Testament among some Christians (completely understandable on some levels), but perhaps also a wrong perception of the Old Testament… and therefore of God Himself.

The God of the Old Testament is the SAME GOD as in the New Testament.  And the Old Testament reveals things about God that we do not see as readily or obviously in the New Testament.  In its pages we find the fear of the Lord, His unsearchable holiness, His love for His chosen people, the importance of obedience, and even grace.

Yes, grace.  From the first sin of Adam and Eve we see God providing grace through the provision of animal skins.  There we see the first “sacrifice” of one life for another – an innocent animal gave its life so that Adam and Eve could have their shame covered.  And God is the One Who did the covering!  Follow the storyline on and you see Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the grace of God is evident in their stories as well.

Everything that is true of God now was true of Him during the Old Testament era – because He never changes (James 1:17)!  A mindset that shows partiality to the New Testament to the exclusion of the Old Testament is one that limits its own growth in the knowledge of God… and can come dangerously close to dividing God into two caricatures, neither of which is accurate in itself.


2 thoughts on “The “2 Gods” of many Christians

  1. AMEN ! AMEN !

    Sadly, many pulpits and churches are missing it and presenting a false doctrine of “2 Gods”. As a result, confused people began to think wrongly that God has somehow changed, the Old Testament God is now different from the New Testament God. These people are seeking to follow another “grace only God”, they are taught one need not fear God any more, no need to search our hearts and examine ourselves and no need for continual repentance and seek forgiveness nor striving to obey God’s commands to be holy. To them, that is all so “Old Testament”.

    The God of the Bible is the unchangeable God. God’s amazing grace through Jesus Christ’s finished vicarious, redemptive atoning, justifying and reconciling work is only correctly appreciated when we see that God still hate sins with a perfect hatred and He is the same Holy, Holy, Holy God.

  2. Hi godswordistruth – thanks for joining the conversation. Your point about only seeing Christ’s sacrifice clearly through the reality of God’s enduring hatred for OUR sin is powerful! Thanks for that… it blessed my day!

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