Joel Osteen, “you know” – wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Joel and Victoria - Wolves in expensive sheeps clothing!

Joel and Victoria - Wolves in expensive sheep's clothing!

I just read an interview on FoxNews with Joel and Victoria Osteen, recently aired on the Hannity show on that network.  It’s honestly amazing how many times the two of them said, “You know” or “I don’t know” or “You know what?” in the interview (that’s where the title of this post comes from).  Their responses are so shallow, and have no scriptural backing at all (they didn’t mention one scripture or even refer to the Bible… though they spoke of the ever-popular, undefined “God” a TON.  And they didn’t speak the name of Jesus AT ALL).

I’m not jealous of their success (if you can really call it that), just sickened by their lack of depth (no, that’s not too strong – it’s reality).  What’s more sickening is the way these two hucksters are leading the typical American Christian (and many non-Christians) along by the ear! (2 Timothy 4:3-4)  They are wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15), preaching a different gospel (Galatians 1:6-7).  And if you think I’m being strong, remember that Paul didn’t mince words at all when identifying false teachers like these (1 Timothy 4:1, 1 Timothy 6:3-5).  Shepherds are not supposed to coddle the wolves, they are supposed to shoot them!

It’s tragic that these two are becoming the “go to” guys for the secular world when they want to talk to high-profile Christians.  The impression they give is that Christians are plastic-smiled (but well-dressed) optimists who in actuality have no reason for being so cheerful.  But the fact is this: They do not speak the Christian message AT ALL!

My exhortation today:  Wake up Christians! Read your Bible and THINK!  THINK!  THINK!  Don’t be fooled by the words of smooth-talking salesmen who have absolutely NOTHING of value to sell – except for their latest book which is full of the same drivel!


19 thoughts on “Joel Osteen, “you know” – wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  1. Hi Carrie,

    Hope you all are doing well. Mike and I are still hoping to get up to visit you one of these days, but if you’re ever interested in a warm winter vacation, we’d love to have you visit us.

    I’m glad someone finally came out and took a stand on this issue. We have friends and family that think Joel is amazing. I have taken to calling him the anti-christ, which is probably not true, but he is dangerous enough to be in that category.

    The 1st time I heard him was when Mike happened upon one of his sermons on the internet several years ago and called me over. He said, “can you believe this guy?” Almost immediately, this really bad feeling came over me. I can only attribute it to the Holy Spirit within me reacting which doesn’t happen often so Joel must have been giving off some pretty strong vibes. It felt like being in the presence of something evil.

    He’s a celebrity and so people automatically put him up on a pedestal. I’ve had friends tell me that he makes them feel good – he is so positive. Well, so was the vacuum cleaner salesman who sold me a $1,000 vacuum cleaner that would supposedly solve all my house cleaning problems. This was when we were young and poor and stupid. Luckily my FIL wasn’t and helped us return it for a full refund. Amazing how nasty that salesman became when he realized he was going to lose his $500 commission.

    Joel Osteen’s positive message sells and he has the fortune to prove it. We want to believe that God wants us to be happy. Mike and I are being more and more convicted about the way we live, especially about the house we live in. Whenever we try to discuss this with our Christian friends and family (who, by the way, also have nice houses), we get the same answer: “God wants us to have nice things.” I disagree. Does having nice things strengthen our relationship with God? Did Jesus have nice things when he lived here on earth?

    Mike and I are involved with missions outreach in our church. Our two biggest projects are feeding the homeless population once a month and providing support to a church in Naco, Mexico. Some of the people we “help” are the strongest Christians I know. Even though they have NOTHING, they are ministering to others; providing a living example of the love of Jesus.

    So why would God want us to have nice things and yet not want nice things for all Christians? The conclusion we have reached is that he is blessing us with financial abundance for a reason; not to be used for our glory (as in when people come to visit and comment on how beautiful our house is), but to be used in his ministry for his glory. I think that is the part that Joel leaves out of his message and that most Christians don’t want to acknowledge. He isn’t giving it to us for our use, but for his use and we’re going to be held accountable for what we did with the “much” we received.

    • Hi Laurie,

      Great to hear from you again! Yes, Osteen is unbelivably popular – and that alone is enough to make you think twice. There’s an interview you can find on youtube of him being interviewed by Larry King, where he’s trying to be careful so he doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but in the end winds up denying the gospel. That’s a wolf – plain and simple!

  2. Michael: I am glad that you specifically stated that you are not jealous of Joel Osteen (even though no one asked if you were.) It is interesting that you felt you had to tell us that.
    I also like that you referenced the Apostle Paul. Isn’t it true that the Apostle Peter thought Paul was a heretic. After all, Paul was telling the Gentiles that they didn’t have to be circumcised to be saved. Peter also thought Paul was preaching a false Gospel by telling the Gentiles that they could eat unclean foods (pork, etc.) In fact, Peter couldn’t understand why Paul was talking to the Gentiles at all.
    Peter did not understand what God was doing with Paul the same way you don’t understand what God is doing with Joel Osteen. At least God thought enough of Peter to clue him in. I hope God thinks enough of you to do the same.

    • Hi Don, thanks for joining in…

      While I understand what you are saying, I obviously disagree. It’s not a matter of whether I know what God is doing with Joel Osteen – it’s a matter of what Joel Osteen is doing with God. He’s misrepresenting and perverting what God has already said in the scriptures. THAT is the definition of a heretic!

  3. right with you on this one. when i run across his stuff on tv i get sicke and sad in my spirit, that this is the stuff america is buying into. we are in a country that has left its roots in our father, combined whith the so called christian leaders that are steering our country wrong, essentially away from our father. we are and have been sowing our own destruction. did you get the video that ginni ritter sent out? so on point.
    John 3:17 Prepare for rain.

  4. Hi Carey,
    Joel Osteen’s teachings is HERETICAL. Just as you correctly said, he perverts scriptures and misrepresent scriptures and thus direct people who attend his church, listen to his sermons, watch his programs and read his book to seek a “lesser god”, more like a “golden calf”, definitely not the Lord Jesus Christ and God of the Bible.

    Because of the power of print, media, travel and the internet, the effects of Joel Osteen’s heretical teachings are not just limited to his own backyard. It has caught on with similar “prosperity gospel” churches outside of the US. All believers and followers of Jesus Christ have a responsibility to God of the Bible to expose false teachers like Joel Osteen and their false teachings.

    Thanks for doing so.


  5. I think his ministry is described in the bible as being followed or sought after by men having itching ears. Hmmmm. Do ya think?

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