Feelings – Facts – and Foolish Behavior

I’ve recently been getting an updated lesson in the danger of allowing your good judgment to be overridden by your emotions.  It’s not just that people make impulsive or irrational decisions when that’s the case… (though it’s very true)… It’s also that otherwise Biblically-centered Christians willingly deny the clear teachings of scripture when emotional motivations get involved.  One example may be helpful (two sides to the same coin)…

  • I can’t tell you the number of people who REFUSE to go to someone they know is offended by them, in spite of the teachings of Matthew 5.  It’s just too hard, too stressful, too whatever…
  • In like manner, a ton of folks will not go to someone who has somehow sinned against them – contrary to Matthew 18.  Again, too much at risk emotionally to walk out on that limb…

In both scenarios it’s important to note that Jesus Himself is the One Who gave the instructions… and He never said we should gauge our willingness to obey His words by how we feel – no, it’s a matter of faith (trusting  Him to honor our willingness to obey what He says).  When we step into the fray IN SPITE of our emotions to the contrary, we are putting the conflict/situation squarely in HIS lap… putting ourselves in a position where HE has to come through if anything beneficial is going to happen.  That’s living by faith…

Could it be that the enemy of our souls has done a very good job at conditioning us (our culture) to react emotionally so that we’ll be unwilling to respond Biblically?

Could it be that if we followed Jesus’ commands in this realm, we’d have less conflict and more opportunity to live at peace with others?

Could it be that were we to practice such things, we’d actually have LESS emotional hang-ups because we have been able to have many of our emotional hurts resolved in short order?

Could it be?


2 thoughts on “Feelings – Facts – and Foolish Behavior

  1. The crux of the matter is that our resistance to submit to God. When we abide in Him, the Holy Spirit controls us. Then, we will deny ourselves, put on the Lord Jesus Christ and let Matt 5 & Matt 18 come through.


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