Christians, Suffering, and the Will of God – Sermon Audio

You can find “Christians, Suffering, and the Will of God”, sermon audio by hovering your mouse HERE


4 thoughts on “Christians, Suffering, and the Will of God – Sermon Audio

  1. Thank You for your suggestion of the book”A call to spiritual reformation” It is thought provoking .
    I have a couple of questions for you though .
    1.. It might sound like a simpleton question,but what is “Prayer” ,is it the simple utterings at bedtime & at church or is it something deeper ?
    2…Do you feel that their is a need or place for prayer in todays society ?
    3… I wonder if God doesn’t become tired of the trivial mutterings of Christians asking for a safe trip,better working environment,understanding mate ,etc.
    To me it seems like God would become tired of it ,similar to a whiny child .
    What do you think ?

    • Hi Fred, good to hear from you!
      I’m on vacation so this reply will be short…
      1) Prayer is simply talking to God, and listening for His response. Like any other conversation, it goes both ways… though admittedly, it is not quite as simple since we are the ones who do most of the verbalizing! It should be more than simple bed-time prayers, etc. – since it is about relationship with the living God, not simply asking for what we want.
      2) I think the place for prayer in today’s society is in the daily walk of believers. We should be in continual and repeated prayer for the sake of our country, our own diligence in the faith, and for the Lord to reveal His will to us daily so that we can carry it out.
      3) I wonder the same… though I do think God is honored that we ask Him for those things (it is a sign of our dependence on Him). But I’m sure that we should be praying much more deeply – for the spiritual and eternal types of things that Paul prayed for. When this world is all over, I’m sure many of us will be embarrassed that we only prayed for skinned knees and travel safety (for examples), when there was so much of a more lasting nature that we should have been praying about.

  2. How was vacation my friend ?(Very enjoyable I hope).
    At the risk of sounding blasephemous (spelling-?) ,Why does one pray & how does one pray ?

    • Hi Fred… still on vacation… and other than auto troubles, having a great time!

      Prayer is conversation with God, so we pray to talk to God just like we would any other person. It’s one of the main ways we build relationship with Him. As far as the “how” goes… I think I’ll respond to that after I get back from vacation!

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