About Pastoral Ordination…

I know that there have been many of you who have been praying for me and for my ability to answer well and rightly in my upcoming ordination interview (Jan. 28 – 9 to noon) with our denomination (www.efca.org).

First, I want to say a very hearty THANK YOU for your concern and prayers – AND ask you to keep praying!!  It is important to me that I represent what the Lord has done in my life and ministry WELL – and your prayers are SO appreciated!

It’s also important to me that those I am serving alongside (other leaders in the denomination) have no reason at all to feel hesitant about my ability to lead wisely and well as “one of them.”  So, I want to do well in my ordination exam.

Regardless of how you feel about “denominations” (I could make pro and con arguments about them myself…) I feel very good about this entire process of ordination… for a two reasons that I feel are very important!

  1. The church (the Bride of Christ) DESERVES good leaders.  By “good” I mean leaders who know their stuff Biblically, practically, and are personally of good character themselves.  If ordination can confirm a man in this, or deny him leadership because of a discovered failing or need in his life – then SO BE IT!  That is at least a partial protection for the church from bad leadership!
  2. Too often in my experience churches/denominations have not been THOROUGH ENOUGH about this sort of thing.  People with outstanding or obvious leadership abilities are often rushed into leadership when the more important issue of character is not taken into a high enough consideration.  It’s typically character that wrecks a pastor, not knowledge, skills, or education.

So… I’m glad to go through the process and praying the Lord will reveal much along the way… now, back to preparation!


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