Book Writing Update! (4.4.2010)

In the last few days I’ve decided to approach the book a bit differently than I originally communicated, which will delay the process a bit, but will surely make the book even better!  What’s the change?  My dear wife Mindi is going to be included as co-author of the book!  It only makes sense, since a great deal of what I’ve learned about marriage in the first place has come from the Lord, through her!  So… the two of us will be working together over the next few months to re-think the book in ways that are going to make it a great deal better in the end – so that it has the benefit of the insights on marriage that the Lord has given her!  I’m so excited to do it this way, but it will require a bit more time so that we can effectively combine our thinking and get it synthesized on paper!  Thank you for your continued prayers and the support you’ve shown already… we are looking forward to what the Lord produces in the final outcome!


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