Poem by 3 of my kids – Christmas Tree

Madeline and Faith made a “countdown” calendar this year, with flaps on each day leading up to Christmas.  Underneath each flap is an activity to do together, to help build anticipation for Christmas.  Today’s activity was to write a poem about Christmas… so here’s what Melinda (17), Caleb (11), and Faith (7) wrote…

Christmas Tree
by Melinda, Caleb & Faith Green

Slender branches like outstretched arms
reaching to the heavens
The star is up there,
glowing through the dark of the house.
Lights run down
like so many fireflies nestled in her branches.
Floating spheres of color circle around
laughing, dancing, smiling, shining…

Beneath it all – scrumptious gifts
rest in the shelter
reminding me of Jesus – the merciful gift from God.
Dying in my place, that I might live
and give my life to Him.
Now I can grow up,
strong like the tree, with Christ as my life
and herald His coming
just as the start, many years ago.


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