Tools for your Quiet Time #11 – Prayer Journals

This is post #11 in a series of posts “Tools for Your Quiet Time.”  You can find the earlier posts here: #1#2#3#4#5 #6#7#8#9, & #10

Prayer Journals

A prayer journal is place where you write out your prayers to God. Think of it has a letter you are writing to God, or a conversation you are having with Him. There are a variety of ways you can organize your journal. Some people purchase a spiral notebook with multiple sections, using those sections to separate different headings or topics of prayer. If you do, you might label the sections as Family, Work, Church, Health Issues, etc., listing your prayer requests in the appropriate section and writing out your prayers as you go. Other people simply begin at the front of their notebook or journal and write out what is on their heart each day in prayers to God (similar to a daily diary, only directed to God).

One of the advantages I’ve discovered to using a prayer journal is that the process of writing forces me to slow down enough to think through what I really need and want to speak to the Lord about. I find my written prayers are actually more expressive of what is on my heart. A disadvantage, which can become a frustration over time is that prayer journaling requires a decent amount of time. It’s simply slower to write out your thoughts than to think them or speak them. Some individuals have tried to overcome that drawback by typing their prayers on word processing or other computer software. But for me, though it can become a frustration at times, the value of journaling is that it DOES take time. I’m forced to think a bit more deeply, and I find myself feeling that I’ve been able to express my heart to the Lord more fully. There are really no rules for how you journal – you should do what works best for you.


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