SERIES: FAMILY WORSHIP: #2 What is the Goal?

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What IS family time/family worship?

For our family, we call it “Family Time” and our goal is to plan it out once a week.  We started when our kids were very young and have continued it somewhat consistently (which means somewhat sporadically also) over the years.  Our oldest is now 19 (turns 20 August of 2011) and I think he would tell you that family time has been a regular part of our family life.  I also think he’d tell you that it’s been invaluable for us as a family.  (He’ll be sharing a post about Family time a bit later in the series).

What are you trying to DO in family time/worship time?

For my wife and I, family time has been about two main things, which we’ve approached in a variety of ways over the years:

  1. Keeping the family “connected” to each other through time spent together
  2. Intentionally seeking to better know and follow Jesus, our Savior

Let’s consider each of these individually:


My wife is pretty intuitive about relationships, and educated me early-on about the need for regular and open communication within the family.  She was right.  Without regular times of intentional communication (both inside AND outside of family time) the members of your family will kind of go their own way… and seldom is that a good thing for the unity of your clan.  The love, support, and encouragement that everyone in your family needs comes about THROUGH communication.  There really is no other way to facilitate it.  Family time is one way that we are making sure that the opportunity for it is regularly happening for the entire family.


We are Christians.  That means we have been redeemed by the grace of God, through faith in His Son Jesus.  He has chosen us to be among His people, and He has promised us that He will see us through to the end.  But He also has instructed us that we have a part in that life-long endurance.  We are to encourage, exhort, love, admonish, teach, (and many more) one another.  That’s one of the main WAYS He brings about our faithfulness throughout the course of life.  While we seek to be mindful of these instructions in every interaction we have, Family time is a way we seek to intentionally do so.  We do so in a variety of ways, which I’ll cover in future posts, including worship, Bible reading/study, discussion, life application, prayer, sharing, etc.

Spend some time thinking through these two purposes… and see if there are others that you might add to the list.  Feel free to share them in the comments!  Part 2 will be forthcoming shortly…


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