A very embarrassing moment… I’m glad it was private!

As part of my preparation for my upcoming Sunday message, I took some time to look through some older stuff I had prepared on the same topic.  As part of that, I just finished listening to a sermon I preached in 2006.


…not because the delivery was especially bad, but because the theology was.  Man, that’s the worst kind of embarrassing.  To quote Tigger, I got it “all twisty-taled around!”

It makes me shudder to think that at any given time in my life, I could, with the greatest conviction and certainty, say or write something absolutely wrong – and be confident it is right.

“Oh God… help me to humbly speak Your truth… and only Your truth.  I ask You to cover even my preaching with the precious, forgiving blood of Your Son, Jesus”

NO – you cannot have a copy of the sermon… it will self-destruct in 10 seconds…


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