“Women… I’ll never understand them…” – is that REALLY true?

Husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way… since they are heirs with you of the grace of life…
1 Peter 3:7

In my married life, the Lord has faithfully used this passage in a variety of ways.  Some that pop up right off the top of my head are…

  • It points out that my tendency as a man is to NOT understand my wife.
  • I am to really “live” with her… not just exist in the same household together, however harmonious that may be.
  • It points out her value, a fellow-heir of the grace of life… and shows me that I am to keep that in mind as I relate to her and speak to her.
  • It encourages me to be a “student” of my wife… to learn about her SO THAT I can understand her better and therefore live with her in an understanding way.  That includes seeking to understand her as a woman, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, as a parent, as a friend, as a sister/daughter in her family of origin, as a wounded individual (as we all are)… the list of areas where I could seek to better understand her is endless.

And that’s just the ones that come right off the top of my head!

Along these lines, here’s a helpful, thought-provoking article from www.theresurgence.org on the same subject.  Enjoy!



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