Just finished writing a book… not the one I thought I would…

I’ve been working on a “marriage devotional” type book for a long time… so it’s funny that something else was actually published first.  Still working on the marriage book… it will be done soon… I hope!

Anyway, I just finished “The Elder Training Handbook” – which actually came out of my own need for a tool to help me assess and train men for Eldership in the church.

You can find it on the “Free Resources” part of the blog – E-book downloads are free – Hard-copy, professionally bound copies are not, but they ARE pretty cheap!

Pass the word along to anyone who may find it useful!


4 thoughts on “Just finished writing a book… not the one I thought I would…

  1. Hi Carey;
    This is great! When the marriage devotional is released, can it be designed for guidelines at small marriage retreats or workshops? This is Bob again. My wife and I have been discussing a lack of small marriage type retreats or workshops in the SF Bay Area. Most retreats are medium to large advertised on Christian radio and pricey during these economic times in California.

    God bless you and your ministry.

    • Hi Bob, good to hear from you!

      I hadn’t thought of the marriage devotional being used that way, but I guess it could. Another option is this… my wife and I lead those kinds of weekends and only ask for travel expenses and a love offering of any amount. So if that’s ever a possibility, we’d be happy to serve!


      • Hi Carey;
        I would like to learn more of the weekend retreats that you have led. If you could send me info via email I will discuss this with my wife. We have many couples who feel the same as us.

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