Might as well say the sky is pink…

This is simply one of the most unbelievable and foolish things I’ve ever heard about.  I’m referring to the Canadian parents who decided they would raise their new baby “genderless.”   I’m pretty speechless (a very unusual situation, to be sure).  But I’ll try to recover for a moment and give a bit of perspective.

Of course these parents don’t even think along the lines I’m about to write… and I don’t condemn them for that.  I pray for them, seriously… because the sin that is intrinsic to every human heart (even mine) has now made its way into their heads (we’re seeing more and more of that these days, by the way).

The fact of the matter is simply this:  God created us, as human beings, each as male or female.  That’s just how it is.  What “gender” a person is, is part of the good design of a loving Creator.  It part of who they already are as an entire person the moment they are conceived, not something they can decide.  This child’s father doesn’t get that.  He puts it this way, “If you really want to get to know someone, you don’t ask what’s between their legs.”  He’s right that people don’t ask that, but that’s because most people (unlike this dad) realize that who they are includes their gender and are already living accordingly.  Nobody HAS to ask what’s between their legs… it’s already been accepted, embraced, and lived out.

You might as well say the sky is pink…

…as to try to say that human beings are not born a certain gender (or would that be implying the sky is a certain gender?  Wait, it’s already blue… what does that mean?).  In fact, people naturally know that gender is inborn, and part of what determines who and what a person will be in life.  It’s one of the reasons that the first thing people ask at the birth of a new baby is, “Boy or girl?”  What God has created that baby to be matters… and people KNOW that intrinsically.  People realize that male and female are different, in many more ways than what is between their legs.  The anatomical differences don’t determine what a person is, they are what identify part of the wonderful uniqueness of who the Creator has crafted them to be.

This dear child is in for a very rough ride… I pray the grace of the LORD will rescue him/her from the foolishness of well-meaning, but entirely misled parents…



2 thoughts on “Might as well say the sky is pink…

  1. this is messed up to say the least. I will be praying also and I sure hope this child shows its true identity in undeniable ways. If female, may she love everything pink and frilly and babydolls and tea parties and if its a male than may he love dirt and trucks and everything a boy loves. God will show these people who He made their child to be. Sad if they purposely try to alter that into their weird thinking because the child will be so confused and not know who he/she was intended to be. Then again God is so much more powerful and can use this.

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