Superhero Movies & the Need for Heroes WORTH Following

When I was a kid we inherited a box full of comic books from my sister’s first husband.  Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Thor, the original X-men (if I’d kept THAT one until today I’d have a bit more $$ in the bank).  Often was the night when I lay in bed gazing at the faded colors of those comics, and dreaming about being a hero myself.

As I’ve grown up (I know, that’s debatable to some), I’ve seen a great value in wanting to be a hero.  It gives a youngster a sense that their life is not only about them, but about being something for someone else.  But I’ve also come to see that the heroes of those comic book days were a bit misleading.  You don’t have to be endowed with amazing powers by some fluke of circumstance in order to be a hero.  You have to do two important things… 1) Receive the sacrifice of the ultimate hero (Jesus), on your behalf.  2) Allow Him to make something of your life.  You can find out more about that HERE.

That’s it.  When those things happen, you’ll begin to see Him do some pretty heroic things in your life.  Country singer, songwriter Paul Overstreet says it this way…

Heroes come in every shape and size
makin’ special sacrifices for others in their lives
No one gives ’em medals, the world don’t know their names
but in someone’s eyes, their heroes just the same.

What put me on this track today was reading a great article by Thabiti Anyabwele, a brother who serves as Pastor of 1st Baptist Church, Grand Cayman.  His approach was an examination of the recent superhero movies.  It’s worth the read…  READ IT HERE!


2 thoughts on “Superhero Movies & the Need for Heroes WORTH Following

  1. What a great point, Carey. The Bible is full of people who seemed to the world to be inadequate, but God made true heroes out of them. We just have to be able to take risks and trust our God to bring glory to himself.

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