SERIES: Family Worship # 6 – Madeline, 15 years old @ Family Worship

Continuing the series on Family Worship/ Family Time (you can find the others here: (post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4, post 5).

Today you get to hear from Maddi, my “middle child”!  She is 15 years, cute as a button, and very insightful.  I hope you enjoy what she has to say about family time…

ME: How far back can you remember our family doing family time?

MADDI: As long as I can remember.

ME: Explain how you see family time benefiting the family?

MADDI: I think it keeps us close, cause we are always talking together and staying… what’s the word… “up” on each other’s lives during family time.  Also it’s good for us to grow closer, because we talk about God together during our family times.

ME: Tell me about that… talking about God together… what does that look like in a typical family time?

MADDI: Well, we normally read a passage from the Bible and talk about it as we go through… what it means and how we should apply it to our lives.

ME: How was that different when you were younger?  Did we go about it differently when you guys were younger?

MADDI: I don’t really remember.  I do remember playing games together then, and having our “special person” every time… we probably did talk about God then, but I don’t remember it.

ME: If you were telling someone else what a family time is… what would you say?

MADDI:  It’s when we all talk about God together and read the Bible and sometimes we play games.  We spend time with each other, really.

ME: Imagine what your life would have been like if we had not done family time regularly.

MADDI:  I think that I wouldn’t understand some things in the Bible and about God, because we wouldn’t have had the chance to talk about them.  I might just skip over them instead of wanting to learn about them.  I think it’s also helped us all to be on the same page in what we believe and what we understand about God.


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