“Am I Really A Christian?” – new book, looks great!

Mike McKinley is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, and Pastor of Guilford Baptist Church in Sterling, Virginia.  He’s author of “Church Planting is for Wimps” and this new book, “Am I Really a Christian?”  It sounds like a really, really, REALLY good idea for a book… so many people think they are Christians for one reason or another but have never really embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ.  McKinley writes the following…

So, in Am I Really a Christian?, I look at five things that the Bible says will always accompany true conversion. If you have these things, you have more firm evidence of God’s regenerating work in your life. If these things are absent, you have reason to be concerned.

  1. Belief in true doctrine. You’re not a Christian just because you like Jesus.
  2. Hatred for sin in your life. You’re not a Christian if you enjoy sin.
  3. Perseverance over time. You’re not a Christian if you don’t persist in the faith.
  4. Love for other people. You’re not a Christian if you don’t have care and concern for other people.
  5. Freedom from love of the world. You’re not a Christian if the things of the world are more valuable to you than God is.

If you know someone for whom this kind of thing would be useful, you can check out a website and some videos at amireallyachristian.com.


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