Movie Ratings You Can Actually USE – Family Friendly!

My daughter Maddi and I were talking about how many movies nowadays are filled with unpleasant surprises… of a sexual, profane, or over-the-top violence nature.  We were wishing there was a website where you could find out if movies are good, truly, according to your own standards…

We found it!

Kids In Mind – rates movies according to 3 criteria, on a 1 to 10 scale (1 being less offensive, 10 being highly offensive).   The 3 criteria are sexual content, profanity, and violence – in that order.  So…

Each movie will get a 3-number rating… for example: The Princess Diaries is a 3.3.1 rating.

You can actually search according to your own criteria.. say you want a movie with low sexual content and profanity, but you don’t mind the violence as much.  You can search for movies with a 2.2.9 rating or less – and get a list of movies that fit that criteria.

What is more… they tell you WHY they rated it such in each category – IN DETAIL.

A disclaimer:  They don’t have every movie ever made rated.  But overall, it’s a great resource for parents and Christians who desire to be discerning in their spiritual walk.




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