Puking, and other random events of theological importance

There is a time in all of our lives when we say, “God, why did THAT have to happen?”  I remember preaching an entire sermon with my fly down… obviously down!  And to top it all of I had a green shirt on – tucked in!  You couldn’t miss it!

You know what I mean?  There are plenty of things that happen in life that seem random, embarrassing, out-of-the-blue, for no reason.  What happens in the realm of faith when those things happen?

  • Do you blame God?
  • Do you get frustrated and angry with no thought of God?
  • Do you think about Him at all?

Today I read a great post from theresurgence.com called, “Theology for Puking.”  It’s a great, thought-provoking read along these lines…

You can find it HERE


What do you think? Share your thoughts & start the discussion!

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