Motherhood is a Calling from God!

For all you moms out there…

Don’t give in to the pressure that says staying at home is “wasting your time” or some other such nonsense!  You are doing one of the most valuable jobs in the world!  Who else is going to be available to care for your kids like YOU will care for your kids?  They need you… not your neighbor, your mother, a relative, or a day-care worker.  Those all-important questions about life, God, faith, etc. that you want to answer for your kids don’t happen on a schedule… they happen when they pop into your younguns mind!  You need to BE THERE to answer those questions… Don’t leave it to some $10/hour day-care worker you hardly know!  How much do you think THEY really care that your child gets the TRUTH?  Your kids need YOU!

Here’s another article to encourage you as you do your vital role of mothering!


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