Will your kids stay in church when they leave home?

Today I read a very, very, VERY excellent article that all Youth Pastors, Pastors, and PARENTS should read…

It’s addressing the issue of college age kids who abandon the church or their faith when they leave home.  The writer is a Youth Pastor, and is speaking from scripture and from experience.

Here’s a quote from the article…

In general, children who are led in their faith during their growing-up years by parents who love Jesus vibrantly, serve their church actively, and saturate their home with the gospel completely, grow up to love Jesus and the church.

That’s just ONE convicting gem from this short article.

If you are a parent who is concerned that your child truly love Jesus and truly serve Him for a lifetime, you should read this article.  Don’t expect a “guaranteed formula” – but expect a clear and powerful argument about what it really takes to transfer a love of Jesus to your children in a genuine way…



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