Will the real sinner please stand up!

From Murray G. Brett, in his book “Growing Up in Grace

Working as a journalist in India, Malcom Muggeridge left his residence to go to a nearby river for a swim.  As he entered the water, across the river he saw an Indian woman from the village who had come to bathe.  Muggeridge impulsively felt the allurement of the moment.  Temptation stormed his mind.  He had lived with this sort of struggle for years but had somehow fought it off in honor of his commitment to his wife, Kitty.  On this occasion, however, he wondered if he could cross the line of marital fidelity.  He struggled just for a moment and then swam furiously toward the woman, literally trying to outdistance his conscience.  His mind fed him the fantasy that stolen water would be sweet, and he swam the harder for it.  now he was just two or three feet away from her, and as he emerged from the water, the desire that had held him in its grip was completely shattered by the horror he observed.  She was a leper!  The experience left Muggeridge trembling and he exclaimed under his breaeth, “Dirty lecherous woman!”  But then a greater horror overcome him.  It was not the woman who was lecherous and given over to excessive desire; it was he.  It was his own heart.  (from Ravi Zacharias’ boo, “Can Man Live Without God“)


2 thoughts on “Will the real sinner please stand up!

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Yes… I was a bit disturbed by his presumptions too… about the woman’s character and his “acceptability” to her for starters… but overall, I can relate to the discovery of my own depravity…

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