Biblical Questions to ask about a Potential Spouse

I came across these 5 questions on a post from in a post entitled “The Truth About Marriage Compatibility.”  The entire article is great… but these 5 questions for singles who are looking for a godly spouse are powerful… and important…

5 Questions for Singles to Ask When Seeking a Biblically Compatible Spouse:

  1. How do you know he or she willingly submits to godly authority? –Ladies, if he does not submit to godly authority, he is a dangerous man. Period. Men, if she doesn’t submit to godly authority now (as a single man, that’s not you by the way), she is the kind of woman Proverbs warns you to avoid.
  2.  How do you know he or she is teachable? – If he or she likes to argue, they are more concerned with being right than being made righteous. When you think you’ve won an argument in marriage, you’ve actually lost. Marriage is about humbly maturing, realizing you have much to learn for the rest of your lives.
  3. How well known and involved is he or she in Christian community? –It’s easy to put on a good front when you are attracted to someone and motivated to marry. If he or she is unknown in community, they are unknown to you. Others need to vouch for the person’s character, integrity, and faith.
  4. How does he or she speak of others? –If he or she is critical, demeaning, or flippant in their attitude and words now, it will happen in marriage. Soon, you will become the brunt of their anger and pride.
  5. How does he or she respond when confronted with their sin? –When someone tries to hide, misrepresent, blameshift, excuse, or rationalize their sin, they have a distorted view of the Gospel. Because of Jesus, we can confess sin (I John 1:9), repent (Rom. 2:4), walk in the light (Eph. 5:8-9), and be reconciled to God (II Cor. 5:17-21).

3 thoughts on “Biblical Questions to ask about a Potential Spouse

    • Hi thegentlehome – thanks for chiming in to the conversation…

      Yes, I found them extremely helpful too… and puts me mindful of my teenage kids, and the days ahead for them.


  1. I agree with thegentlehome – what a great list of questions to ask about ourselves as well. Sometimes I’m guilty of being pigheaded and unteachable. The part about being right instead of being made righteous really spoke to me.

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