Marriage Improvement Project book… ALMOST READY!

I’m excited.  Really excited!  A book I’ve been working on for a couple of years is finally almost ready!  The Marriage Improvement Project should be ready to “go to print” for hard copies, and be available for free download here on my blog site within the month.

My friend Craig is working on the final modifications to the book cover (I can’t believe how cool and great it looks!), and the text is in its final proofing phase.  I’ve used this material in various forms over the last 4 years in my personal ministry and have found it to be very helpful and fruitful.

Please pray with me for the final steps in getting this book ready…


2 thoughts on “Marriage Improvement Project book… ALMOST READY!

    • Hi Loren, yes – self-publishing for a few reasons. First is cost. Second is control (I want to be able to offer it for free as a web download for those who can’t afford the hard-copy). Third is that I have found a digital publisher that will allow me to order 1 copy, or 1000 copies, and ship them where I want them to go for a very low cost per book. The only drawback is the difficulty of distribution… which I can trust the Lord with – word of mouth will likely be the main thing I rely on, in a practical sense. If you’d like a copy to review, I’d appreciate that… and would appreciate any feedback and help you could be in promoting it…


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