Should a church adopt the culture to reach people with the gospel?

This question has been banging around in Christian circles for a long time… a very long time.  But it’s still something that every serious Christian and especially church leaders need to wrestle through.

In this videoMark Driscoll, Perry Noble, James MacDonald, and some other “big name” Pastors (I really dislike that term but I don’t know what else to say)… discuss the question.  This is not a “sunday school” conversation, so put on your big-boy pants!

In case you are wondering… I come down on the same position as the moderator, James MacDonald (and David Platt).


2 thoughts on “Should a church adopt the culture to reach people with the gospel?

  1. I think James MacDonald did a good job of moderating. I thought it was a pretty good discussion. I would tend to lead towards where Platt is, but I also can see the merit of what Driscoll does in teaching his church to think and examine the culture through a biblical lens.

    • Hey Loren, yeah… I had no problem with what Driscoll had to say… just more “concern” (maybe that’s too strong of a word) with what Noble was saying. Should the church be evangelizing? Absolutely. But is the main gathered meeting of the church the right way to go about that? I hesitate to say “Yes.” It seems to me that the gathered church should be about edification and growth in the Lord, and the dispersed church should be trained and mobilized to do the evangelism more naturally in relationships. My take…

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