Christian job-haters… an oxymoron?

Do you love your job?  Do you hate your job?  Are you someplace in between the two?

How are Christians supposed to view the love-hate relationship we sometimes have with our employment (we love the paycheck, but may hate the work & dynamics of the place)?  Is it simply the curse of Genesis 3 being life-d out in OUR lives?  Or does God have a better, greater purpose?

Someone who has impacted my life is Steve Farrar – author and Pastor who challenged me early on in my marriage life, to great effect!  I found this article by him that is worth its weight in gold – and it has to do with these very questions!


4 thoughts on “Christian job-haters… an oxymoron?

  1. Hi Carey;
    I enjoyed reading Pastor Steve Farrar’s message and totally agree with him. I hold the same views and have given sermons on our “labor in the professional arena”.

    My brother joked with me suggesting I write a book about having so many jobs in the 34 years I have worked professionally. When I was 20 and struggling in college I also worked, from wearing coveralls, driving a forklift, lifting 50Ib boxes, inventory to sales, door to door, customer service, and after college the next 20+ years working as a general accountant.

    I was a loyal employee at most jobs, hated my work or loved it, was challenged or bored and had runs in with people or was the “popular” employee.

    Then I realized this was like the ministry. lol! Jesus Christ carried me from my “immature attitude” early in the church and I feel He has matured me and opened my eyes. I now take what the Lord has learned me and mentor my church family the difference between our secular spaces – work, the mall, movies, supermarkets, the bank, etc…to our sacred spaces – Bible studies, Sunday school, worship service, etc..and how God is omnipresent in all places.

    Pastor Steve points out that they’re all from the Lord. Amen! Hey, I can be honest with God if I don’t feel like going to work today. He understands. But when I choose to be the servant, witness and worker to Him first, then my employer, it’s not going be a sugar coat walk, but God gives me the strength to complete the day but fulfill the task at hand.

    Thank you for this topic, Carey. God bless you and your family!

  2. That’s an awesome article. It seems so many of our heroes had humble and “dead-end” times in their lives, like David shepherding for years or Moses living in the desert before encountering the burning bush.
    I love Farrar. Point Man was amazing.

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