The Marriage Improvement Project – NEW BOOK – Now taking pre-orders!

It’s getting close!  The Marriage Improvement Project is almost ready!  Here’s the blurb from the back of the book…

Marriage was created by God to be a wonderful blessing, to every married couple and to the watching world… but time, sin, and our culture can make keeping your marriage in good repair difficult at best.  In The Marriage Improvement Project (MIP), Pastor Carey Green draws on the word of God, his  own marriage, and years of pastoral and marriage counseling to teach some of the foundational truths of how God intends marriage to be. The MIP is designed for spouses to complete separately (separate copies are helpful), with team projects to work on periodically together. In the MIP, you’ll explore…

  • Marriage First
  • The Unity Principle
  • The Cleaving Principle
  • Communication is Key
  • Attacking Anger
  • The Wife’s Role
  • The Husband’s Role
  • The Principle of Sexual Sanity

I’m very excited about this book.  It’s been a very long time in the making, and came out of my own need for a helpful resource to use in my ministry in counseling couples regarding their marriage.  My plan is to make the E-book version a free download (available by October 1, 2011), and the hard-copy book available for a cost (just to cover the printing and shipping costs, plus a small additional profit per book).  At $9.00 for one and $16.00 for two (it’s designed for each partner in the marriage to have their own copy), it’s WAY cheaper than most books of this nature and size (243 pages).

Pre-orders are now being taken… you can find out about that on my Free Resources – Growth Resources page.

Please pray that the Lord will use this book to bring about a better representation of His love for people, through the marriage OF His people!  And pass the word along to those you think may benefit from this resource!  I’d love to give away 1000 copies by the end of the 2011 year!


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