Treasuring Jesus above all else

I’m on sabbatical (translation: I’m resting)
This is a pre-scheduled post for your enouragement!

John Piper often says things in a way that hit my soul – hard.  This quote is no different.

Nothing is more precious than hearing God say to us personally: No condemnation. Or hearing him pronounce the words over our guilty heads, Justified! If you cherish this verdict and this standing with God, then cherish your union with Christ. Make it part of what you value most in the world.

You can hear or read the entire sermon HERE


2 thoughts on “Treasuring Jesus above all else

    • Hi Loren, – yes – for some reason I’m the same… I think I can receive the “passion” behind what he’s saying more easily that way, and I tend to be an auditory learning more than a visual learner too…

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