Persecution of Christians still happens – Myanmar

I’m on sabbatical (translation: I’m resting),
so this is a
 pre-scheduled post for your encouragement, education and enjoyment! 

I read this interesting and convicting article from Voice of the Martyrs… it has to do with a young Christian who was threatened to be ostracized by her family if she did not recant her Christian faith.  This is not one of those “old time” stories… it happened just recently.  Read this short article HERE.


2 thoughts on “Persecution of Christians still happens – Myanmar

  1. One of my friends from church is very active (pretty much full-time) with evangelistic trips to Asia. He’s been to Myanmar, Vietnam, and other places where the gospel is not welcomed. He’s been on trips where he told me that he had a 50% chance of arriving back home alive. He’s got some heart-breaking stories to tell too. Around the fourth of July, we normally express our thanks that we live in a nation where we have religious freedom. But after hearing my friend’s stories, that gratitude takes on a new dimension.

    • Trying to put myself in those shoes gives me a new appreciation and respect for those who DO really see persecution for their faith… thanks for sharing that Loren. It helps further the point of the post greatly!

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