WHY do you follow Christ?

I’m on sabbatical (translation: I’m resting),
so this is a
 pre-scheduled post for your encouragement, education and enjoyment! 

Interesting question… isn’t it?  It points to the heart, the center, the motives behind discipleship and faith.  It’s a VITAL question for every one of us to ponder…

In a recent article I came across THABITI ANYABWILE (a Baptist pastor in the Cayman Islands) writes on that very subject… his article begins like this…

Americans pride themselves on their ingenuity and know how. We’re a country that likes to think of itself as being able “to get things done.” There’s a significant blessing in such a self-image. It motivates. It stirs. It drives and propels. Thinking of ourselves in this way inspires us to think of possibility, invention, and creativity. Those are good things.

But, like everything else in a fallen world, good things also have unintended and sometimes unforeseen consequences. Usually there’s a soft underbelly to every superhero, an Achilles’ heel to every ideal. The American cultural ethic is no exception.

Starting with the Wrong Question

Here’s one significant problem with our tendency toward ingenuity, know how, and getting things done: It prompts us to ask the wrong starting question. We begin by asking “How?” and very seldom ask “Why?”

Read the rest of the post HERE


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