God’s REAL role in the origin of homosexuality

I’m on sabbatical (translation: I’m resting),
so this is a
 pre-scheduled post for your encouragement, education and enjoyment! 

Yesterday, I posted a re-post of a post Tony Payne wrote (how’s that for confusing?) about the way our culture views the homosexual lifestyle and it’s origins in particular.  His point was that historically, there has never been a concept of “I’m born this way.”  Today, I’m posting his continuing examination of this issue from a biblical perspective…  Here’s part of what he has to say…

If same-gender sex is not the natural consequence of an innate homosexual essence or identity (as I suggested last time), then why do people do it? What leads them to this sort of behaviour?

The shocking answer of Romans 1 is that God does.

Well that might be stating it a little strongly, but only just

You can read the rest of his outstanding article HERE


2 thoughts on “God’s REAL role in the origin of homosexuality

  1. Interestingly some stats show that as high as 68% of homosexuals reported being abused in pre-teen years. Romans 1 is about Paul explaining paganism and the fertility rites that are associated.

    • Hi Gary, though Romans 1 MAY be speaking of the fertility rites you mention… it is clear from its teaching that the practice of homosexuality (no matter the context) is a direct result of the rejection of God Himself… and therefore condemned by God Himself. Blessings.

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