How do YOU view the Bible?

I’m on sabbatical (translation: I’m resting),
so this is a
 pre-scheduled post for your encouragement, education and enjoyment! 

Most people in the United States have at least one Bible in their home.  My family… probably more than 10 (I’m a preacher, ya know).  I see Bibles in Thrift Stores, for free (that’s cool) in our country.  We have scripture completely available… but how do we see it?  Is it a paperweight?  A dust catcher?  An “owner’s manual” for every  person?  A source of ancient wisdom for life?  Here’s a video from Mark Driscoll about that very issue.  The way he says it, “The Bible is FOR us, but it is ABOUT Jesus.”


2 thoughts on “How do YOU view the Bible?

  1. Here is a change I have to say that has been interesting to say the least. I have been Messianic Jewish calendar of readings recently that has been very insightful. The Parashah readings and the Brit Hadasha readings on the Sabbath have been very much a blessing. You should do study on Jewish calendar of days and there significance. It never hit me how date setting on the rapture and as such in the 80’s 90’s and still with the like of Harold Camping is nonsense. But I am convinced it will fall in line with the seven year cycle. Your friend, Gary C. (seeking to always be a “haverster” in the field of souls).

    • Good to hear from you Gary! I trust all is well! Those are things I’d love to read through (have to add them to my ever-growing list though). I too think the date-setting is foolishness, especially since Jesus warned us not to do so! Blessings!

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