Music for you to enjoy… from my friend Adam Rey!

During sabbatical my wife and I got into an exercise routine… and one of the things I listened to while working out was this instrumental album from my guitarist friend Adam Rey.  Adam and I used to work together on a church staff years back… (Hey Adam… do you remember us playing, “Stump the Guitarist?)… and he’s one of the most amazing guitarists I’ve ever met.  This album has been a true joy to me, and benefit to my soul.

Anyway… I wanted to introduce you to Adam’s album – “Meat & Potatoes.”  It is a very, very WIDE variety of musical styles… likely something to fit every taste.  There’s blues, rock, jazz, even violins in some of the cuts!  This guy is eclectic… and talented – and gives the glory for it to God!  I have really, really, really enjoyed this album – and continue to do so.  If you look carefully at the album art (which Adam created himself), you’ll pick up a bit of Adam’s creative sense of humor too… which I’ve always enjoyed!

Over the next week or so I’ll be posting some more cuts from his album for you to enjoy.

You can find Adam’s work in the following ways…

So without any further delay… here’s a cut for you to enjoy,

entitled “Psycho-delia.


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