Blog Casserole! – 3-30-2012

I’m starting a new category – BLOG CASSEROLE!  Every Friday (hopefully) I will send out a hodge-podge of things I’ve found on the internet that are either interesting to me, funny, thought-provoking, a good idea, a bad idea, etc., etc.

There’ll be much good stuff here (unlike the picture), but not good enough for me to make a post about each one individually.  Here’s the first installment of…


  • The Gospel Coalition is where I found this story of a Texas church that is doing things right… by reaching out to an Atheist neighbor.  It’s worth a read!
  • 7 “Christian” purposes for work.  If you work any kind of job, you should read this post!
  • The number of “Mother’s Day” cards sold each year should have told us by now – MOMS ARE IMPORTANT!  In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, or need some encouragement in this area – HERE’S a great article on the subject!
  • Pastor Rick Warren is now on the “healthy eating” bandwagon… and I’m probably there with him (though with a different approach).  I think it comes down to being an issue of stewardship for Christians.  Anyway… HERE is the article about Pastor Warren’s approach…
  • Now THIS is an interesting choice to be cast as former First Lady Nancy Reagan
  • Don Carson helps us keep our priorities straight at home with THIS story from his family…
  • And this one… top lies about homeschoolers – funny! – HERE IT IS
  • And finally THIS ONE 5 reasons why you should take a nap every day – I happen to agree (though I don’t currently practice it)

Enjoy your casserole!


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