Tim Tebow, NY Jets, & true Christ-filled virtue

photo credit: OPEN sports on Flickr

Everyone has heroes.  I’d suggest that everyone NEEDS heroes.  The Apostle Paul encouraged Christians to emulate other Christians who were following Christ well (Hebrews 13:7).  That’s what I’d call a hero.  In anybody’s book.

That brings us to Tim Tebow.  I’m not a Bronco’s fan… never have been… even though I live in Colorado.  But I have been impressed with this guy.  Not because of his football smarts and ability, but because of his character.  He’s one of the few professional sports figures I’ve seen who  not only talks up the Christian life, but backs it up too.  He appears to be the real deal.

But, as is always the case, I and other Christian brothers and sisters need to be careful that we don’t fall prey to “Hero worship.”  We already have a Hero (capital “h”) that we worship.  His name is Jesus… and to put any other hero (lower case “h”) in that place is called idolatry.

HERE is an article I found on the New York Times (of all places) that makes some very good points… not from the sports angle, but from the Christian-life-that-practices-what-it-preaches angle.

In the end, Tim is pretty cool.  But Jesus is cooler.  And it seems like Tim wants you to know that.  Reminds me of a guy named John… you know, “He must increase but I must decrease“…


One thought on “Tim Tebow, NY Jets, & true Christ-filled virtue

  1. Very cool article. Tebow is a breath of fresh air in this dirty, stinking world. We need to cover him in prayer so he stays strong to Jesus. So many “popular” Christians come under attack and when they fall (as we all do) they are crucified in the media and elsewhere…by Christians and non-Christians.

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