Pray for me… in THIS way…

Prayer is a funny thing.  I don’t mean it makes me laugh when I pray, I mean that the way we humans think about it can be funny, even ridiculous.

  • Some click into King James English when they pray… as if that’s the way God talks and it’s honoring to Him to speak His language (You know, “Thee, Thou, thus, beseech, verily” and the like).
  • Some repeat His name (or some title or version of it) every 4th word throughout their prayer… as if God has Alzheimer’s and needs us to remind Him that we are talking to Him.
  • Some suddenly become infused with great energy and zeal when they begin to pray, as if God listens better when we speak more loudly or with more zest.
  • Some of us recruit others to pray (not a bad thing), but we do so with some kind of idea that the more people we have praying, the more likely it is that God will answer the prayer like we are hoping.  It’s like we can see the thing we want behind the glass of the God-machine, and every prayer is a coin.

Prayer is a funny thing… even in how we go about communicating our prayer concerns to others.  In THIS post, Nancy Guthrie makes a powerful point…  Prayer is not a manipulative tool to get God to do what we want – it’s a way for us to express our desires to Him, while at the same time submitting our hearts to what HE wants.  And she knows what she’s talking about, having struggled through the physical pain of a child born with a fatal genetic disorder.  Here’s a quote from the article:

When I was able to sputter out a prayer, it was shaped most profoundly by something a friend said to me on the phone a couple of days after Hope was born. She said that I could be confident that God would accomplish the purpose he had for Hope’s life in the number of days that he gave to her. So in my prayers I began to welcome him to accomplish that purpose. I prayed that my own sin and selfishness and small agendas would not hinder his purpose. I prayed that that his purpose for Hope’s life would be enough for me, even a joy to me.

Read the post.  It will give you a lot to think about… regarding how you pray, and how you think of your God.

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2 thoughts on “Pray for me… in THIS way…

  1. There was a Martin Luther quote I liked. Something to the effect of “Prayer is laying hold of God’s willingness.” He’s ready and willing to answer our prayer, and our zeal in praying is just unleashing that.

    • Hi Loren… I’d not hear that Luther quote… I like it. To me the difficulty comes in syncing that with praying according to His will. I think the “in His will” prayers would have to be the ones Luther had in mind… don’t you think?

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