Should I do it? – You decide!

The Marriage Improvement ProjectI’m considering a new project here on the blog… and could use your input to help me decide if I should.

I’m thinking about “blogging” my couple’s marriage devotional, “The Marriage Improvement Project” for anyone who would commit to doing it for the sake of their own marriage.  If you don’t know about the MIP, it’s a couple’s devotional study I’ve put together that has helped many couples I’ve counseled.  It’s designed for both spouses to go through together, with some discussion built in.

The way I’d go about it is that I’d post one day’s devotional at a time, at an interval of every other day.


For example:

  • Saturday: I “blog” the “How To Use This Book” chapter
  • Monday: I “blog” the day 1 study
  • Wednesday: I “blog” the day 2 study
  • Friday: I “blog” the day 3 study
  • Sunday: I “blog” the day 4 study
  • Tuesday: etc. – you get the idea… until Day 40 is done.

I’m curious what you think…

Would you do the work of improving YOUR marriage if I posted it?  Talk to your spouse and let me know through the comments below!  If you don’t see it posted at a later date… nobody was interested.

Books from the PF Journal..


2 thoughts on “Should I do it? – You decide!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Loren… on this one though, it’s 40 days worth of posting… and if nobody’s actually gonna be doing it, I could be doing a lot more other/more important stuff with that 40 days!

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