HOW to pray for your Pastor’s PREACHING

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I so appreciate knowing that certain people pray for me on a regular basis regarding the work I do in study and preaching.  It’s much

needed and greatly appreciated.  I can’t say that enough.But as Julian Freeman writes in this post, do people who pray for their Pastor’s preaching, really unde

rstand what they are praying for, or how they can pray more specifically and deeply?  I thought his points were so good, I wanted to list them here, so that you can consider a greater diligence in praying for YOUR Pastor’s preaching.  He writes…

So here are some ideas on how to pray for your pastor through the week as he prepares for Sunday. And in typical preacher fashion, they’re even alliterated.

  • Clarity. Your pastor is going to tell you what God says. The stakes are simply too high for him to get this wrong. Please pray for him, that he would be able to clearly discern what God’s word said to its original audience so that he can clearly communicatethat same message to you. If you want to understand the text, pray for your pastor to have clarity.
  • Conviction. Even if your pastor understands the word with clarity, there is no way that it will affect his heart apart from a work of the Spirit. Any conviction he feels apart from the Spirit’s work will be self-righteous and harsh; any lack of conviction because the Spirit does not work will result in a boring, lifeless sermon. If you want to feel the text, pray for your pastor to have conviction.
  • Compassion. Jesus taught the crowds because he had compassion and people became part of his flock. Pastors are called to be undershepherds like the Chief Shepherd. If we don’t have the Spirit of Christ giving us the heart of Christ for the people of Christ, we will be too harsh or too soft. If we don’t have compassion we will either hide the truth or hit people with it. If you want to know the heart of Jesus in the text, pray for your pastor to have compassion.
  • Creativity. Jesus taught in open fields with gripping parables. Paul engaged the philosophers with eloquent reason. Your pastor is a man who is called to explain the majestic wisdom of God to people every single week. It is hard to be creative week in and week out. He needs grace to communicate truth in a way that helps people engage. If you want to be gripped by the text, pray for your pastor to have creativity.

Some questions:

  • Do YOU pray for your Pastor?
  • What do you pray about when you do?
  • What points do you see above that will help you to do a more diligent job in doing so?

Start the conversation by answering these questions below…

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2 thoughts on “HOW to pray for your Pastor’s PREACHING

  1. I pray for my pastor, but I haven’t really considered praying specifically for his preaching. I mainly just pray for wisdom for him as he leads the church (which I guess preaching is a large part of) and for protection from all his earthly and spiritual enemies.

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