Prosperity Gospel and Lottery may claim the same victims

Studies and statistics (here, here, here, and here) continue to show that it is those in the lowest economic percentiles who consistently spend their income on state sponsored lottery games.

I wonder if that same dynamic is at work in those who follow the “prosperity gospel” hawked by so many today?

Think about it:

  • Why would someone who is already successful in their job/career be attracted to the prosperity gospel?  It can’t give them anything they haven’t already gotten for themselves.
  • It only makes sense that those who truly have “felt” financial or health issues would be attracted to the “pie in the sky” promises of a theology that makes God their ultimate benefactor.

I’d love to see some research on this…

Theologically speaking…

The prosperity gospel is virtually the same as the lottery – a gamble, based on nothing that is theologically sound.  It’s the snake-oil salesman all over again.  Only this time he wears a $1000 suit.

God is not about our comfort… He’s about His glory, demonstrated through our holiness.  And getting us to holiness, typically doesn’t include dollar signs.

What do you think?  Are the same people victims of both?

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2 thoughts on “Prosperity Gospel and Lottery may claim the same victims

  1. That’s a good point that I had never considered. I’ve heard statistics about how people actually buy fewer groceries in order to buy lottery tickets. That’s just the appeal of riches to our idolatrous hearts.

    • Yes, earthly riches truly are deceptive to the human heart… and dangerous as a result. Jesus didn’t warn those who “desire to become rich” for no reason!

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