Blog Casserole – 5/11/2012

Blog Casserole!

The best or worst or slightly interesting of the web over the last week (from my humble perspective)
  • A great infographic – “How to avoid burnout” … read the story HERE
  • I found this very interesting – “The History of Modern America in 15 Cars” – most interesting is that it includes 4 foreign car makers… – HERE
  • How should you really pray if you are going to pray “In Jesus’ Name?” – HERE is a great 3 minute video from John Piper, giving some ideas on the subject.
  • I came across this wonderful graphic that illustrates how big the universe really is.  Take the time to scroll through the whole thing!  It give me a greater appreciation of how big the Creator of the universe really is – HERE.
  • A good article about the role of “imagination” in stories, and particularly about whether Christian parents should allow their children to watch or be exposed to things like “Harry Potter.”  – HERE
  • HERE is a wonderful video post from Desiring God that demonstrates the wonder the supremacy of Christ in  marriage, even when the unexpected and unwanted happens.
  • A very intriguing post on the illegal and legal immigration issue – from a Christian perspective – can be found HERE.
  • HERE is a post for leaders… to do a self-evaluation – Leaders who like to be liked.
  • And we now have a President of the United States who has officially, publicly, opening endorsed the idea of same sex marriage.  Is anyone surprised? See Albert Mohler’s take on the issue – HERE

What do you think? Share your thoughts & start the discussion!

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