Have you thought about your own death lately?

I have… a lot.

In the past 5 months I’ve presided over 3 funerals.  One was a suicide.  One was a cancer-related death after years of fighting the horrid disease.  One was a drowning.  All three were heart-breaking and sobering.

The Puritan pastor Jonathan Edwards resolved to think of his own death often… and I think that’s a healthy thing to do too.

Pondering the end of my own life gives me perspective, and a reality check:

  • Has my life been lived well?  Have I stewarded it for the sake of Christ?
  • Have I shown my children and wife and friends an example of what a humble heart and a powerful God can do?
  • Am I truly ready to meet my Maker?

I’m not fearful about my own death… I know that Christ has overcome death and that I have an eternal home in heaven.  But the reality that has been impressed on me lately is this… it could be my turn soon.

Tonight in my sleep.  Tomorrow on the road.  Sitting at my desk.  Talking to my wife.

My death could come at any moment.  So could yours.  In light of that reality, I ask the LORD to empower me to make the most of every day that I do have… for His glory.  I don’t want my life to be wasted in any sense.


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