A miracle in real life (mine)

A miracle in real life (mine)

I was recently allowed a 4 month sabbatical by my church family.  It was a very timely and wonderful gift.  I’ve written some about it already (here).  Many great things happened over our sabbatical, one of the most significant being what I consider to be on the level of a genuine miracle… one that keeps on going.

Our miracle

It has to do with a transformation the LORD made in my health.  From the time we started our sabbatical (Nov. 1, 2011) to the time we ended (Feb. 29, 2012) my wife and I each dropped 40 pounds, and we have lost more since (June 2012).

The way it came about is the miracle.  We’ve tried weight loss/health plans before – with little to no success.  But this time it was different… and it’s taken me a bit to understand the “why” behind that.  I want to share a bit of what I believe happened.

#1 – This time it was about health – not about how we looked, and not about losing weight.

Previously, we had tried to lose weight for a variety of reasons… to look better, to feel better about ourselves, to impress others (I’m sure that was in there someplace).  But this time our motivation was 100% different.  Our concern was our health… the good and wise use of the amazing body-machines the LORD has graciously given us.  Call it body-stewardship if you like, but we both realized that we are directly responsible to the LORD for the state of our health, and that we will answer to Him for it one day.  That reality hit both of us really hard.

#2 – This time we had new knowledge.

Previously, I always felt I was being “sold” something when I was looking into health / weight loss programs in the past, rather than being given all the facts.  This time was different because we came across resources based on truth… and the resulting changes in our own health have proven it to be so. 

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is an M.D. who has spent his career researching how the body works, and specifically how diet impacts how the body works.  His finding are phenomenal and common sense, and he’s treated clients with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and others and has seen 100% turnarounds in their health.  Years ago we had been given his book, “Eat to Live” [affiliate link] and at the beginning of our sabbatical we purchased a DVD recording of one of his annual health getaways entitled “Immersion Excursion.”[affiliate link]  That’s where we learned the facts of what our current diet was doing to us and received the truth that enabled us to settle our convictions about our stewardship of it.

Do you need the same miracle?

I don’t know the state of your health, or that of your loved ones.  But I do know this:  You are responsible before God for the good stewardship of your health.  He is sovereign over your life, but you are still responsible to care for it to the best of your ability.  Do you need to see a health-miracle happen in your life?  The good news is that there are things you can do about it as a good steward.

Dr. Fuhrman has another of his health getaways coming up, and is offering a discounted price for the entire package [affiliate link].  You won’t get the spiritual side of things at one of his weekend retreats, but you will get the practical knowledge you need to understand and take charge of your own health based on scientific truth.  If you need this kind of miracle in your life and can figure out a way to go… you will not be sorry.

Resources mentioned

Weekend Health Getaway

Dr. Fuhrman's 2012 Health Getaway


2 thoughts on “A miracle in real life (mine)

  1. I’ll have to check out Eat to Live. I’ve personally been eating something similar to the “Paleo” diet over the past few months, and it’s been really helpful for me.

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